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Today In Indian History - Historical Events of India

DateEvent Name
06/02/1756 Fort William, the English stronghold in Bengal, was surrendered to Siraj-ud-Daulah.
06/02/1900 Sri Ram Sharma Acharya, freedom fighter, social reformer and leader, passed away.
06/02/1908 Sri Aurobindo, freedom fighter, was arrested in Manik Tala Bomb explosion case.
06/02/1953 Mountaineer Edmund Hillary of New Zealand and his Nepalese Sherpa guide Tensing became the first men to conquer Mount Everest, the world's tallest mountain. The two reached the pinnacle of Everest, more than 29,000 feet above sea level, at 11.30 a.m.
06/02/1955 A British party scales the third highest peak Mt. Kanchenjunga, highest unclimbed peak.
06/02/1965 The second of 2 cyclones in less than a month kills 35,000 (Ganges R India).
06/02/1975 India's First Spunge Iron project inaugurated at Vijaywada.
06/02/1975 Devendra Mohan Bose, famous Scientist of Physics, passed away.
06/02/1984 Army takes control in Punjab as 22 people are killed in Sikh struggle for autonomy. The state is declared a restricted area under the Foreigners' Act.
06/02/1986 One thousand Sikhs arrested at demonstrations in Punjab.
06/02/1988 Raj Kapoor, famous film actor, director and Dadasaheb Phalke awardee, passed away.
06/02/1990 Union Government set up a tribunal to settle the Cauvery water issue between Tamil Nadu & Karnataka.
06/02/1990 Sri Ram Sharma Acharya passed away. (27-6-91).
06/02/1991 Dinesh Goswami, former Law Minister, passed away in a road accident in Assam.
06/02/1992 The government accepts all the 15 recommendations of the Janakiraman Committee which unearthed massive collusion of banks in the security scam.
06/02/1993 Kurla-Kochi Express rams into goods train near Jolarpet in which 22 were killed and 100 injured.
06/02/1997 Saudi Boeing 747 Jumbo with 348 people on board misses the Meenambakkam international airport, Chennai and forcelands at Tambaram Air Force strip.
06/02/2000 Justice A. M. Ahmadi, former Chief Justice of India, appointed Chairman of the Advisory Committee of the Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavana Award.


Other Historical Dates and Events
05/21/1998India declares a moratorium on nuclear testing.
03/17/1905Narsinghcharya Purohit Tirunarayan Iyyangar, famous Kannad poet, music director and critic, was born.
09/19/1995PM leaves for a 5-day visit to the two Central Asian republics of Turkmenistan and Kyrghistan.
12/12/1872Balkrishna Shivram Munje, freedom fighting leader and president of Hindu Mahasabha, was born.
08/05/1909Dwijhans Kalika Prasad Dixit, great poet and educationist, was born at Gram Dedani in Uttar Pradesh.
02/14/1959Nehru tells the International Conference on Planned Parenthood that Indian family planning efforts have not stopped population growth.
05/04/1832Darpan', a fortnightly magazine started publishing as a weekly.
07/03/1661Portugal gives Tanger & Bombay to English King Charles II.
05/13/2000The Union Government gives its approval for the creation of the three new states of Jharkhand, Uttaranchal and Chhattisgarh to be carved out of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.
01/10/1993Atleast 15 people are killed in Bombay on the 5th day of riots between Hindus and Muslims.